Nostalgia Digest Comes To Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics

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On Tuesday, I had a wonderful interview with Steve Darnall of the Nostalgia Digest. He was even kind enough to accommodate me somewhat last-minute as I felt that according to more recent criteria that the station owner has given as far as his expectations of the guests I choose to have, that at least at this time, Steve was a better choice. I called him late Monday afternoon and he was able to still be my guest on Tuesday morning. I feel that our discussion even flowed better than some others I’ve had, despite my having been better prepared for them.

You should check out the Nostalgia Digest site at as well as their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter @nostalgiadigest .  And, of course, listen to the show on Sunday, March 2nd, 2-3pm CT on to hear the interview with Steve. I hope to eventually be a quarterly contributing writer for the Nostalgia Digest and will keep you posted on that.

For the Sunday 3/9/14 show, my guest will be James Drury of iconic western series “The Virginian” .

VirginianI am also excited to announce that I am now a contributing writer for my friend Adam Roche‘s website . You can check out my first posting on his site at . New posts to follow every two weeks. I will be a guest on his pod-cast in late March. I Would like to make that a regular thing as well,  if he is willing and we can make it work-as we have a bit of a time difference. Hope to still have him on my show soon as well. Will keep you posted.

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Well, that is going to do it for me for this week. Don’t forget to check out all the great shows I’ve been mentioning lately, Darren Smith and Ed Thomas on Junk In My Trunk Radio, John Christopher‘s two programs, The Neon Beat on that you can hear anytime each week from Sunday night on as well as 3-5pm CT Monday-Friday on and  his Neon Oldies at 5pm CT Saturdays on .



And Dave Brewer with Classic Rock A To Z Saturdays 11pm-1am CT on . Also a reminder, though the website still has KKES on it, our call-letters, as we are soon to be on your FM Dial here locally, are now KPGZ.

Also want to remind you that I am a salesperson for JG Imprinters and want to invite you to check out the Wholesale Color page at and select me as your salesperson for any of the listed products you need for your business. I would greatly appreciate it. Be sure to let me know when you place an order!

I’m John Losh-“The Losh-Man“. May God bless and keep you til’ next time. If I don’t see you on the blog, at church, a coffee shop, or ON the air, I’ll see you IN the air!

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Riding The Rails On Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics

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This week I had a great interview on Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics with Pastor Bill Dennington of the Harvest Fire Church in Kennisaw, Georgia who is also a railroad engineer with the Stone Mountain Park Railroad as well as the Six Flags Railroad. We used a list from to discuss classic railroad movies. Bil has a lot of railroad family history, with several family members having worked on railroads over the years, including the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, just as my paternal grandfather John Losh and his brother Leonard Losh also worked on.

He has also had opportunities to meet and spend extensive time with celebrities like my all-time favorite actor, Jimmy Stewart during the 1971 filming of Fool’s Parade, Johnny Cash during the filming of Riding The Rails. Bill was even an extra in that film as a Confederate Soldier. The steam locomotives he drives have also been used in films such as Fried Green Tomatoes and Biloxi Blues. My family and I are even considering using our Mid-March vacation time to travel to Georgia and visit Pastor Bill and his family. To meet them, be in Bill’s church, to enjoy some time riding the rails with him, plus the theaters down there, unlike here in KC will be playing the movie God’s Not Dead, so we can see it. You can hear that show this Sunday 2-3pm CT on .

Next Tuesday, when we pre-record again, I will interview my friend Adam Roche, owner of . That show will air Sunday March 2nd 2-3pm CT .

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So tune in each Sunday 2-3pm CT on for Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics and also check out the home-page to see how you can get involved with helping 102.7 The Hog reach our goal of the FM Dial. You’ll be glad ya’ did!

Don’t forget about John Christopher and The Neon Beat Monday-Friday 3pm-5pm CT on as well as anytime after late Sunday nights at his Neon Oldies Saturdays at 5pm CT on . Dave Brewer has Classic Rock A To Z Saturdays 11pm-1am CT on Darren Smith and Ed Thomas are on Junk In My Trunk Radio Show Thursdays 10am-11am CT on and can be found on Facebook under Junk In My Trunk Radio and Junk Mafia and at , as well as on You-Tube under Junk Shares . Look for the Junk Journal newspaper in your favorite Thrift Store, Antique Mall, Flea Market or unique food venue.



I’m John Losh, “The Losh-Man“. May God bless & keep you til next time. If I don’t see you on the blog, or at church, or one of my coffee shop hang-outs. If I don’t see you ON the air, I’ll see you IN the air!

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Easier Said, Than Done

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Last week’s Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics was almost the show that wasn’t. My guest, Tim Harley of the Jimmy Stewart Museum had already had to reschedule from the previous week and then I had to move my recording date from Tuesday to Friday, because of snowstorms in our area. To make matters worse, I had a court appearance regarding a traffic accident I was in on 12/6/13 in which another driver ran a red light and totaled my car. The court session ended up being a complete waste of my time, that also made me late for the recording session, and by the time I arrived, Tim was only able to give me thirty minutes out of the one hour show. I had to wing-it the last thirty minutes. Something that as much as I hate to admit, without a co-host and with it being unexpected, I’m not very good at. I actually put out a Facebook posting, expressing that I am interested in a co-host. No takers as of yet.

Then there is this week’s show that airs tomorrow 2/16/14. I spent a lot of time sending out e-mails to several more celebrities, and those with fan sites. Most were via their agents. This included Larry Wilcox from “C.H.i.P.S.”, Jerry Mathers from Leave It To Beaver, David Hasselhoff from Knight Rider and Baywatch, Jamie Farr from M*A*S*H* ,  Peter MayhewChewbacca from Star Wars, and Tweets to William Shatner  and Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek, and Mark HamillLuke Skywalker and Anthony DanielsC3PO also from Star Wars and an e-mail to the owner of the Irene Dunne website. Despite all that, and the feelers I already had out there in previous weeks, I did not have a guest, and for that reason, had again moved my recording date from Tuesday to Friday. That is until my daughter Cara Losh had the day off from school on Friday. Initially, I would  not have seen her for the time it would have taken to drive to the studio in Excelsior Springs, record the show, and drive home, and many of you know, I don’t exactly work “family friendly hours” and have had no luck getting transferred to a better shift thus far.

She was gracious enough to come join me for the show, and we talked about the TV show Full House, as well as classic 1966 Batman. And, of course, we enjoyed breakfast courtesy of my wonderful food sponsor, Ray’s Hamburgers. Never mind the fact that we had to edit out the part where I went into a coughing fit when some of my pancakes went down the wrong tube. Note to self: eat before or after the show, not during the show. Still no sound-bytes or theme songs included in the shows yet, as I didn’t realize I needed to bring those in on a thumb-drive, but I plan to resolve that problem before my next recording session on 2/18/14.

But I have the next three weeks covered, as next week, I will be joined by phone by Pastor Bill Dennington of Harvest Fire Church from Austell, Georgia who is also a railroad engineer as we discuss classic railroad movies. The following week, Adam Roche of  will join me by phone. Then to kick off March, Pastor David Cole of the Oak Tree Church in Lee’s Summit, Missouri will be in-studio with me for a show on Gilligan’s Island. Hoping I will have heard back from and gotten an ok from the manager for Dawn Wells that played Mary Ann on the show, to have her on by then. David and I go back to my days attending youth rallies and other activities with Kansas City Youth For Christ back in the early 80’s. Of course, these are all barring any unexpected schedule conflicts on any of their parts.

In mid-march, I will have to work out something for getting a show recorded so that we still have a show on March 23rd, as I will most likely be on vacation the preceding week. Still working on getting some potential sponsors for the show on-board. So, all in all, this sometimes becomes easier said-than done. But I will continue to press forward, of course as my Daddy always said “If the Good Lord’s willing, and the creeks don’t rise”!

Again, don’t forget to check out my friend John Christopher‘s show, The Neon Beat, which can be heard Monday-Friday 3pm-5pm CT at as well as anytime from late Sunday on at . You can also hear John’s Neon Oldies at 5pm Saturdays CT on . Tune in to Dave Brewer with Classic Rock A To Z Saturday 11pm-1am Sunday (CT) on Check out for the full lineup of 102.7 The Hog Shows.



And catch my friends Darren Smith and Ed Thomas on Junk In My Trunk Radio Thursdays at 10am CT on Check them out as well at You can also like the Junk Mafia and Junk In My Trunk Radio on Facebook.

Junk Mafia

I’m John Losh-“The Losh-Man“. My God bless & keep you until next time. If I don’t see you on the blog, in church, in the studio. If I don’t see you ON the air, I’ll see you IN the air!

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Between Shows

Show LogoWanted to take a moment to let everyone know kind of an overview of what I have been up to in between Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics shows. I have been working hard on increasing my Twitter presence and have begun to follow/be followed by several different classic film/tv bloggers like TCM (Turner Classic Movies), TCM Party, My Favorite Movies @myfavoritemov Classic Movies @classicmp , Will Mckinley @willmckinley Aurora @citizenscreen, Brandle Classic Film Reader @classicfilmread  Debbie Reynolds @debbiereynolds1 Pretty Clever Films @prtycleverfilms, Laura Gabrielle . Work To Ride Movie @worktoridemovie , The Lady Eve @theladyeeve, Classic Film Freak @classicfilm, Classic Movie Hub @classicmoviehub

I have also liked or joined many classic film and classic television related pages on Facebook. Like Pre-Code-Hollywood, Classic TV Lovers Haven, Classic Movies, Turner Classic Movies, The Films Of Alfred Hitchcock, Marlene Dietrich, Classic TV-Television Yesteryear, Movie Stars And Movie Characters Of The Silver Screen, Classic Film TV Cafe, Classic Cinema Online, (of course, the John Wayne Birthplace Museum, and the Jimmy Stewart Museum, and Attaboy Clarence), Grand Old Movies and Classic Movie Digest. I also joined Classic Films on

I have also requested membership in the Classic Movie Blog Association, and will be requesting membership in several others in the days/weeks to come. If anyone would like to suggest others on Facebook or Twitter that I may have missed-as I know there are lots more out there, you can reach me here, or on Facebook as John W Losh II, Twitter @jloshman and .

I’m John LoshThe Losh-Man“, your host on Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics Sundays 2-3pm Central on . May God bless & keep you.  If I don’t see you here, or in church, on social media, if I don’t see you ON the air, I’ll see you IN the air!


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There’s Snow Business……Like Show Business!

This is normally the day we record Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics at the KKES-FM studio. But, as a snowstorm has blanketed the mid-west, closing every school district, as well as  financial institutions, courts, some movie theaters, even getting me the day off, we have re-scheduled for late Friday morning.


Even my work, that is a 24/7 operation that usually expects “all hands on deck” even in these conditions, after a snow-storm last year kept several of us from coming in, decided to operate with a skeleton-crew today, that at least, this go-around, I was not asked to be part of. I know my time will come, but I’ll take it when I can get it. Then my regular days off were to be Wed/Thur, and because my birthday is this Saturday, I treated myself to Fri/Sat/Sun off too. Then I only work Mon/Tues before my regular days off next week of Wed/Thur. Hey, sometimes as the Journey songs says, you have to “Be good to your-self when…….nobody else will!”


The day has  not only given me an extra day to “chill”, but this morning, I made a great new friend in Adam Roche from the United Kingdom who responded to one of my previous show blogs. I invite you to check out his site as well as the Facebook page for it, . He has done a great job with the site and I know you’ll enjoy checking it out! It has the Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics Seal Of Approval!  I love how he named it after the final line in my all-time favorite actor, Jimmy Stewart‘s movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life“. It’s very fitting with the fact that on this Sunday 2/9/14’s Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics, you will hear Tim Harley of the Jimmy Stewart Museum and me discuss Jimmy Stewart. Definitely look for Adam to be part of future Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics shows!

Attaboy Clarence Podcast Artwork



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Need to also remind you to tune in to a few other great shows, Dave Brewer with Classic Rock A To Z Saturday Nights 11pm-1am also on . John Christopher with the Neon Oldies Monday-Friday 3pm-5pm Central on as well as his The Neon Beat that you can hear at




So tune in to those great shows and this Sunday 2-3pm Central time, don’t miss Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics on Why? Because you’ll be glad ya’ did! Until then, I’m your host John Losh-“The Losh-Man“.  May God richly bless and keep you. If I don’t see you here. If I don’t see you on the air, I’ll see you IN the air!


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Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics Week 2

This week’s Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics show that will air this Sunday 2/2/14 2-3pm Central ended up being a last-minute ad-lib, as my scheduled guest, Tim Harley of the Jimmy Stewart Museum had to re-schedule to record with me this coming Tuesday 2/4/14 that will then air on Sunday 2/9/14 at the same time.

But, that’s ok. This was far from being the first time as a broadcaster that I’ve had that “Oh, no, what now?” moment. But fortunately, it was just that-a moment. I quickly thought of a backup plan that I then discussed with  KKES FM owners Ron & Sylvia Warner, while we enjoyed our delicious breakfast courtesy of food sponsor Ray’s Hamburgers.


(Ron & Sylvia Warner)


We agreed that Ron and I and my friend Tim Barr-that has been on a few radio shows with me on KCXL in the past, liveures just seconds away there in Excelsior Springs and was due to meet me at Ray’s Hamburgers after the show anyway, would do a show that would start off with Ron sharing about his history in radio, the purchase last spring of KKES-102.7-The Hog and then we would all share our love of classic movies and television. This worked out well, as none of us are ever short of words or things to share.

Plus, this then gave me my guest for the 2/4 recording and 2/9 Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics airing as I had not heard back from some of my potential guests or their managers that I had contacted. So this gives more time for that to happen. One I did later hear from though is Andrew Klyde who has the Bonanza: Scenery Of The Ponderosa website

He  is also involved with the CBS Home Entertainment distribution of DVD’S of the classic western Bonanza. He is looking into the possibility of doing a near future show with me-hopefully in February. Will keep you posted on that. So, as usual, God works in mysterious ways-but hey, He always knows best. Our timing is not usually His, and we just have to trust and obey. Not always an “easy pill to swallow”, but we understand in time. Joshua 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a future and a hope”.

So think on that and tune in to Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics this Sunday 2-3pm Central on .  I’m John LoshThe Losh-Man“. May God Bless and keep you. If I don’t see you at the birthday celebration for Papas Coffee Express owner Jeff Cessna at his Liberty facility starting at 11am this Saturday, that my friends and brothers in radio Dave Brewer-host of Saturday Night “Smooth & Easy” music on KKES and John Christopher-host of The Neon Beat will also be at. If I don’t see you at church, or at  Ray’s Hamburgers. If I don’t see you on the air, I’ll see you IN THE AIR!



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Welcome To Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics!

Welcome to the show blog! I’m thrilled that you stopped by and look forward to having you along for this journey called Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics radio show on .in Excelsior Springs, Missouri-soon to be on your FM dial as well. The show will be pre-recorded Tuesdays 10:30am-11:30am Central time and will air Sundays 2-3pm. I would like to thank Ron & Sylvia Warner-owners of KKES-FM for allowing me to make Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics a part of their weekly lineup!

To give you some history, I was born in 1969, so I was a child of the 70’s and 80’s, so you can imagine all the shows I grew up on. Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, Leave It To Beaver, I Love Lucy. The Beverly Hillbillies. The Munsters, The Little Rascals/Our Gang, The Lone Ranger. The Adventures Of Superman, Gilligan’s Island, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island. Mork & Mindy, The Dukes Of Hazzard. The Rookies, S.W.A.T., Charlie’s Angels, Chips. Battlestar Galactica/Galactica 1980, Lost In Space, Shazam! The Superfriends, The Incredible Hulk, Streethawk, Blue Thunder, Airwolf, Knight Rider. The A-Team, and the list goes on. My parents watched Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Streets of San Francisco, Lawrence Welk-you get the picture.

Now, back then, I was not sitting back telling myself that one day I would be a radio host, and get to interview the stars of all my favorite shows.But in 2004, after a God-ordained encounter with James Peuster who at that time was hosting sports shows and a Christian talk/music show The JPEG Show with his wife, Peg on KCXL-1140am-Liberty,Missouri, I got to do a sports show for a year-Sports Live With The Losh-Man-Where Faith-Meets Sports once a week, followed by three years of several different variety shows, like The Best Radio Variety Show-Period, The Losh-Man Is Live, and Live With JJ & The Losh-Man. During these shows I interviewed personalities such as Randy Mantooth “Johnny Gage” on EMERGENCY!, Richard Hatch “Apollo” of Battlestar Galactica. The then president of The Lone Ranger  Fan ClubJoe Southern, a brother in Christ that I  am still in touch with today, and have been in the Texas Home of a couple times, and who published an article I wrote in their “Silver Bullet” Lone Ranger Newsletter, including pics from one of our visits. Stephen Schechter-the nation’s leading authority on Judy Garland and Liza Minelli. Steven Lewis-local community college professor and owner of the Bing Crosby Internet Museum. Debbie Dunlap-owner of  And a representative of the Gene Autry Fan Club. My sister and I did a show on Jimmy Stewart. I did a show on Shirley Temple.

When I started with my present employer in 2006, the unit I was in soon started a newsletter that among my other monthly features, included “Losh-Man’s Classic Character Of The Month”-in which I wrote about folks like Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Judy Garland, Gary Cooper, Bing Crosby, Elvis, Lux Radio Theater, and Gene Autry.

In the Fall of 2012, I hosted Losh-Man Sports Radio for a few months along with my co-host Stephen Brown-a writer for the Examiner, who also has the website. For a few months in 2013, I was the co-host of the Junk Mafia‘s “Junk In My Trunk Radio Show” and began writing for their newsletter, the Junk Journal.

So, now as of today, we start Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics. It was pre-recorded in the KKES-FM studio in Excelsior Springs, Missouri back on Tuesday, as it will be each week. Today’s show has me interviewing Brian Downes of the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset, Iowa.  My family and I had the privilege of visiting their facility in November, 2013 en-route to Bloomington, Minnesota. We will discuss the life and career of the great american legend, John Wayne.

This coming Tuesday, I will interview Tim Harley-Executive Director of the Jimmy Stewart Museum  in Indiana, Pennsylvania that my family and I visited several years ago. That show will air next Sunday February 2nd, from  2-3pm.

I also want to thank my food sponsor Ray’s Hamburgers/Ray’s Lunch 231 E Broadway St-right across the street from the KKES-FM studio, for providing wonderful meals while we record the shows. You need to stop and see Brenda, Natasha and Stephanie there-you will love the food, the service and the wonderfully nostalgic atmosphere and history that all earn the Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics Seal Of Approval! Tell them The Losh-Man sent you!

I have also thrown out the invitation to friends, family and church family-if you have a  favorite classic tv/movie actor, favorite classic tv show, movie, etc that you would like to discuss, I would welcome having you as my in-studio guest, to do just that! If you have a business, and would like to be a sponsor, commercials are $4.00 per 30-second spot, for how many times you want to run it per day, per show, per week,etc. You can e-mail me at .

I hope you will make a point to tune in to Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics each Sunday afternoon!

I’m your host John LoshThe Losh-Man. If I don’t see you here…..I’ll see you on the air!

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