Playing Catch Up As Usual

So, not  only has it been nearly a year and a half since my last posting on this site, but I found it was the same way with my Fulfill Your Ministry Facebook page. But, I hope to get back to business. Most of my blogging of late has been on my railfan site that you can find by searching as well as posting railroad and other videos on my You Tube channel: John Losh.

Among other things that God has been doing in and through my life, in 2015, I finished and self-published a devotional that is the first in what is meant to be a series, Thirty Godly Lessons From My Life, Volume 1, available on Createspace and Amazon.

But, I have not had time to get working on Volume Two, as my wife and I left Glenwood Baptist Church in May, 2015 to help start New Life Baptist Church (the origin of which can be found at another blog I am now behind on.)

My best friend Russ Steel is the Pastor, and I am Pastor’s Assistant. We hope to see me ordained one day at which time my title (although for me, it’s not about a title, I know, as does everyone else what I do, which changes constantly, including helping set up the room in a bank building’s basement we currently meet in, on Saturdays so it’s already done for Sunday, handling various aspects of our Sunday morning services, preaching from time to time, being youth leader, though we don’t have a youth group currently, etc, so by God’s leading and grace, I just do it, and very much enjoy the privilege and the challenges it brings, you can call me “Hey, You”, if you want), would likely change to Associate Pastor.

I keep busy with daytime marketing and P.R. all week long, including representing New Life Baptist to the Gladstone Chamber Of Commerce, and other networking events, and maintaining relationships with church family.

Discipling one of our guys that I have been investing into in so many ways since 1993, who is now taking his faith seriously, and who was one of three that we baptized on Valentine’s Day. I also have a standing Wednesday lunch date with Russ’ Dad, who I also affectionately call “Dad”, and his wife Carol is “Mom”, as they practically raised me, and they are also on the New Life Baptist staff with Russ (who is also bi-vocational in this early stage of our church) and I.

On my Sunday nights off from KCPD (at which I also recently submitted paperwork from my Dr, and a summary that covers everything I’ve dealt with there the past seven years, and am currently dealing with, making another desperate attempt to get transferred to the day shift), I have been giving Russ a break, taking my turn teaching the Randy Frazee series “Believe” in our Sunday night study, which I did for the second week earlier tonight.

I think that pretty much catches you up on everything. I promise to try and be more diligent in posting here more often.

I’m John Losh. If I don’t see you (though I truly hope to) in New Life Baptist Church, or some networking event, if I don’t  see you here…….I’ll see you IN THE AIR!














About oldgravelroad

Born -Again Christian,48 years old,Married over 26 years,Father of 2, Civilian Employee in Records Section-KCMO Police Dept. I love to write-have kept Journals since May,1991,have been either a contributor to,or sole producer of various private newsletters in the past,have Blogs and postings on various websites,have some potential book projects in the works.Recently had first article featured in Metro Voice Christian Newspaper.Freelance Writer-if you need someone to make your business look good on Blogs or websites,in Newspaper articles,or trade publications-call me at (816)-914-3578.
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