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I hope all of you have had a fantastic blessed week. Many of you, like our family have been busy with graduation ceremonies and graduation parties. My daughter Cara Losh just graduated from my own Alma Mater, Winnetonka High School on Thursday and we just got home from having a graduation party for her at our church about an hour ago. Just like her brother John Losh III‘s graduation from the same school tow years ago, this time came quicker than we ever expected and has me personally again wanting to turn back the clock a few years if that was possible because of the evening hours I have been working the past five years. Unlike her brother who went straight to a four-year college, she plans to use her A+ Program Scholarship to attend community college classes for two years starting this fall, at my wife’s community college Alma Mater, Maple Woods Community College. We are all very proud of both of them and appreciate everyone who supported them through their elementary through high school years, and at their high school graduation events!

But, on to the radio business.  Last Sunday on Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics, you were treated to my new friend Michael Siewert of as we discussed the life and career of this great lady, Judy Garland that we all continue to enjoy the work of, despite her passing many years ago. We also discussed Michael’s Judy Garland traveling exhibit and I invited him to check out a couple of potential venues to bring it to Kansas City and possibly make it a fundraiser for our local children’s hospital. I’ll keep you posted on any possible developments on that. I invite you to check out all that his website has to offer. He plans to have it redesigned to bring you even more Judy in the future!



Tomorrow we have another treat in store for you. It is my pleasure to announce that Christy Putnam aka SueSue Applegate  @suesueapplegate who is a regular attendee and credentialed red-carpet worker at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festivals and blogs about them at is my guest. Not only can this classy lady be heard tomorrow, but starting on the June 8th broadcast, she will be a monthly part of the Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics team as we will begin discussing the Turner Classic Movies Star Of The Month and what’s new with her blog as well as her articles for like this gem about Debbie Reynolds-who I also hope I can get as a guest on the show sometime. . I hope you will plan on catching our shows together each month as we fully expect to have lots of fun bringing them to you!

Tonight, you still have time to catch Dave Brewer with Classic Rock A To Z on  You can even catch John Christopher‘s The Neon Beat at as the shows won’t be replaced until late tomorrow night. After that, you can catch next week’s The Neon Beat as  John continues to enhance your musical education and play the greatest records…..ever pressed!





So head to worship services in the morning, then from 2-3pm ct on Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics at catch Christy Putnam-who has been doing an awesome job promoting the show and me, as we team up tomorrow and every month from now on to keep you posted on what’s new with Turner Classic Movies and so much more! You know I’m famous for saying it….You’ll be glad ya’ did!

Yeah, I’m John Losh-“The Losh-Man“.May God bless and keep you. And if I don’t see you in church, on social media, or at some classic tv or classic movie event. If I don’t see you here. If I don’t see you on the air……I’ll see you IN THE AIR!

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