Mom’s Night Out-In Time For Mother’s Day


Mom’s Night Out-Produced by Kevin Downes of “Courageous” (that he also stars in as “Kevin”) is an incredibly funny, yet family-friendly movie-which is always the case when a name like Alex Kendrick-known for producing and/or starring in such movies as “Flywheel“, “Facing The Giants“, “Fireproof” and “Courageous” is involved.

It’s about a stay-at-home Mommy-Blogger named Allyson (Sarah Drew) that is feeling overwhelmed, and in need of a girl’s night out. So, she gets her lifelong best friend “Izzy” (Logan White) and the wife of her Pastor (Pastor is Alex Kendrick)  Sondra (Patricia Heaton of “Everybody Loves Raymond” together and they head out for a night on the town. Allyson leaves husband Sean in (Sean Astin) charge of their children, Izzy leaves husband Marco (Robert Amaya of “Courageous“) in charge of theirs. Add in Sean’s best friend Kevin (Kevin Downes) to the Dad group and Sean’s sister Bridget (Abbie Cobb) whose baby is missing, and Country Singer Trace Adkins as a kind-hearted (but tough on bad guys) biker managing a tattoo parlor, and what follows is a laugh a minute. I won’t say any more so as not to ruin it for you.

But if you want to give Mom some great but clean laughs for Mother’s Day, you have to take her to see this!

And if this isn’t too weird, I can actually relate to feeling like Allyson often. Not saying this to brag, just stating fact. For as long as I can remember, I have been the primary housekeeper around our house. Though I am not as obsessed in many areas as Allyson’s character. My kids are not young like hers, or Izzy’s, as one is about to wrap up his Sophomore year in college, while the other graduates high school next week-that has been a very busy prep-time for us, and will start community college classes in the Fall. But trust me, it’s a full-time job in itself.

And, because I have been working non-family friendly hours for the past five years this month, I am an active person, so I’m a writer, obviously a blogger, regular coffee shop patron at various locations, once a week radio host of Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics Sundays 2-3pm CT on which takes hours of preparation a week. I also attend the Christian men’s group TGIW-North a ministry of Character That Counts, in addition to handling the household chores, all to keep from being so lonely in the daytime hours on weekdays before I go in for my evening shifts or some of my weekdays off. This is not due to any lack of efforts on my part to try and get transferred off those hours. And , I spend regular time in God’s word and prayer and am active in church.

But it seems like especially with the messed up sleep schedule my work hours have me on, and spending most of, if not all my off-days with the family, there are just not enough hours in any day. Sure, I could cut back on some things, but then would probably feel the loss.

Because I am not always able to get all the same vacation times off as the rest of the family, and travel is always a big part of the family vacations, I am sometimes left to work and hold down the fort while they travel for a week. (Yes, I’m ok with that-no need for them not to enjoy themselves because of my scheduling issues and it does leave me with less housework.) I sometimes feel I need a week a year that either they are gone and I am on vacation but stay home, or I actually go away somewhere for a week in order to not have any of the distractions-as there are still some between work and home, even with them gone, to have a week long writing retreat. I will probably never be comfortable asking for it, as I said I make spending as much off-time as I can with them.

Plus, the last several months I’ve had insurance issues and regular chiropractor visits as a result of injuries suffered when I was t-boned and had a car totaled back in December. This came just five months after losing my father in July. This loss hit me harder than I ever imagined. Long story, there. The wreck also left me with a slight case of PTSD that I don’t know if I will ever shake. And, now that the insurance issues have been resolved, today as we came out of the theater after seeing Mom’s Night Out, we found that my SUV that replaced my wrecked car five months ago, that I am really enjoying had been seriously pounded by hail.

This was  a result of a severe thunderstorm that started just as the movie previews were. So, here we go again! Now, some of the money received just the day before and just just deposited today from the past settlement that was to buy my daughter a car will have to go to paying a deductible to repair the hail damage. Though, it could be worse. There was serious property damage and I assume injuries or loss of life in nearby Orrick, Missouri from tornadoes in the same storm. Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected. But, just saying I can relate to feeling overwhelmed and inadequate at times.

But definitely go see Mom’s Night Out. It will be a breath of fresh air compared to what is usually out there in theaters these days. Hey, USA Today hated it, so even that shows you that they did this movie right!

I’m John Losh-“The Losh-Man“. May God bless and you. If I don’t see you here……if I don’t see you in church. If I don’t see you on the air for Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics, I’ll see you IN THE AIR!


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Born -Again Christian,48 years old,Married over 26 years,Father of 2, Civilian Employee in Records Section-KCMO Police Dept. I love to write-have kept Journals since May,1991,have been either a contributor to,or sole producer of various private newsletters in the past,have Blogs and postings on various websites,have some potential book projects in the works.Recently had first article featured in Metro Voice Christian Newspaper.Freelance Writer-if you need someone to make your business look good on Blogs or websites,in Newspaper articles,or trade publications-call me at (816)-914-3578.
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