Jamie Farr Double-Play And Booking Struggles

The last two Sundays on Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics, you’ve have been treated to hearing back to back airings of my recent interview with Jamie Farr of M*A*S*H* which was a really fun show to do as Jamie is just a warm, wonderful, funny guy. I even noticed that I felt even more at ease with him than with some other shows. Not saying I was ever uncomfortable with any of my previous guests but it was just a feeling I noted at the end of the interview. I am looking forward to meeting Jamie in person when he comes to the New Theater Restaurant this Fall!


I was happy that the listeners were treated to hearing him two weeks in a row, as it would have been a shame if you didn’t hear him the first week, and as the shows are unfortunately not available on a pod-cast currently. But, there was more than one reason for that taking place.

That is due to the fact that despite sometimes hours a day I spend on the computer making contacts for the show via website contact forms, or sending conventional e-mails, and the fact that my wife and I took a trip from April 23rd-25th staying at the Route 66 Hotel in Springfield, Missouri and attending the Legends Of TV forum that included my recent guest Karolyn Grimes, David Harper and Kami Cotler “Jim-Bob” and “Elizabeth” from The Waltons as well as Morgan Brittany of “Dallas“, that was just one of many events that were part of the 2014 Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival in Marshfield, Missouri I have been struggling to keep each week filled with a celebrity guest. David and Kami are likely to be future guests in May and possibly June respectively.

MeKarolyn                                                   Me with Karolyn “Zuzu” Grimes

The percentage of those that I reach out to, versus the ones that actually get back with me, or are at all interested, or are available very quickly is very low. I believe I have the shows for the next two weeks lined up and I hope to have a couple of potential guests become once monthly segments. I believe they would be very popular shows that I would enjoy doing on a regular basis, and ultimately, it would also save me a search two weeks out of each month. I will keep you posted as those hopefully begin to come together.

I hope you will continue to tune-in each Sunday to Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics 2-3pm CT on http://www.1027thehog.com/ and we look forward to hitting the FM Dial on June 21st. Check out the home-page for more on that. And, don’t forget my friends John Christopher with Neon Oldies and Dave Brewer with Classic Rock A To Z on Saturdays along with the rest of our Saturday music lineup.  And, catch John Christopher’s The Neon Beat anytime on http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/ as he plays the greatest records……ever pressed!




Also want to invite you to check out some of these other great classics venues like my friend Adam Roche with Attaboy Clarence at http://www.attaboyclarence.com/, Sue Applegate with http://suesueapplegate.wordpress.com/ who will be my guest on the Sunday 5/18 broadcast, and check out this great site http://bobbysoxer97.tumblr.com/. Another future guest and hopefully monthly segment are the great folks at GetTV check them out at http://get.tv/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gettv .

Attaboy Clarence Podcast Artwork

I’m John Losh-“The Losh-Man“. If you have any suggestions for potential show guests, or connections that can help me get those guests, please feel free to contact me-I would welcome your input and assistance! Until then,  if I don’t see you here. If I don’t see you on the air, I’ll see you IN THE AIR!

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