Playing Catch Up As Usual

So, not  only has it been nearly a year and a half since my last posting on this site, but I found it was the same way with my Fulfill Your Ministry Facebook page. But, I hope to get back to business. Most of my blogging of late has been on my railfan site that you can find by searching as well as posting railroad and other videos on my You Tube channel: John Losh.

Among other things that God has been doing in and through my life, in 2015, I finished and self-published a devotional that is the first in what is meant to be a series, Thirty Godly Lessons From My Life, Volume 1, available on Createspace and Amazon.

But, I have not had time to get working on Volume Two, as my wife and I left Glenwood Baptist Church in May, 2015 to help start New Life Baptist Church (the origin of which can be found at another blog I am now behind on.)

My best friend Russ Steel is the Pastor, and I am Pastor’s Assistant. We hope to see me ordained one day at which time my title (although for me, it’s not about a title, I know, as does everyone else what I do, which changes constantly, including helping set up the room in a bank building’s basement we currently meet in, on Saturdays so it’s already done for Sunday, handling various aspects of our Sunday morning services, preaching from time to time, being youth leader, though we don’t have a youth group currently, etc, so by God’s leading and grace, I just do it, and very much enjoy the privilege and the challenges it brings, you can call me “Hey, You”, if you want), would likely change to Associate Pastor.

I keep busy with daytime marketing and P.R. all week long, including representing New Life Baptist to the Gladstone Chamber Of Commerce, and other networking events, and maintaining relationships with church family.

Discipling one of our guys that I have been investing into in so many ways since 1993, who is now taking his faith seriously, and who was one of three that we baptized on Valentine’s Day. I also have a standing Wednesday lunch date with Russ’ Dad, who I also affectionately call “Dad”, and his wife Carol is “Mom”, as they practically raised me, and they are also on the New Life Baptist staff with Russ (who is also bi-vocational in this early stage of our church) and I.

On my Sunday nights off from KCPD (at which I also recently submitted paperwork from my Dr, and a summary that covers everything I’ve dealt with there the past seven years, and am currently dealing with, making another desperate attempt to get transferred to the day shift), I have been giving Russ a break, taking my turn teaching the Randy Frazee series “Believe” in our Sunday night study, which I did for the second week earlier tonight.

I think that pretty much catches you up on everything. I promise to try and be more diligent in posting here more often.

I’m John Losh. If I don’t see you (though I truly hope to) in New Life Baptist Church, or some networking event, if I don’t  see you here…….I’ll see you IN THE AIR!













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Trying To Be Thankful In The Midst Of Difficulty

I am disappointed to find that this particular blog is the one that I have not posted on in the longest time and that the last post was about the radio show I was hosting that should have been done as a separate blog site since this one was set up for life in general and ministry related postings. Not even doing the radio show anymore, and the blog I set up to begin doing it as instead, I have not even had time to do the weekly postings I was planning on doing for it.  Famous last words of a fool I guess.

I have spent most of these last several months trying to work on two book projects that I still hope to have turned out by the end of 2014 but sleep being very little lately for more than one of us in this house and trying to run the A Cara Christmas-Toy Drive To Benefit Children’s Mercy Hospital that we have done the last few years, work and family time have taken priority. And book sales of existing books for my daughter and I have not been good at all, which makes sending sales tax records to the state once a quarter even more of an unwelcome hassle. Never felt like we sell enough each year that we should even have to do that anyway, but whatever………

Earlier this year, my wife developed a problem with one of her hips after sitting on the floor at church while working with Awana kids and hardly being able to get back up, that led to lots of doctors, x-rays, MRI’s, physical therapy and finally a cortisone shot in it. And just when that seemed to get better, she developed what is known as a “frozen shoulder”, that led to much of the same. Cortisone shot didn’t seem to do anything. That and other things are leading to a lot of nights of very little sleep for one or both of us, that has me sleeping a lot during the day. I still work evenings so sleeping late into the mornings after she leaves for work and our daughter leaves for community college classes (that we are even dealing with stress over as the funding for A+ students like her is being greatly reduced, leaving us to wonder if we will be able to afford to keep her in her classes and for how long) is frequent.

Finances are strained, thanks to greatly increased utility bills due to a water leak in our hot water heater earlier this year that led to having it replaced, all the extra medical bills, and medical insurance that will go up quite a bit in 2015, the price of fuel, etc.

This caught up to me this past Sunday as I got up as usual and got ready for church, and we went, but I could hardly keep my eyes open in Sunday School and by worship service, could not even stay awake standing up, trying to sing worship songs and preparing to stand in for someone to lead the service’s opening prayer. I sounded like a dying battery “Praise God from who……..m a….ll bl………….sings…….fl……….” I then retreated to the car, planning to sleep it off during the service, but my wife brought me back home to sleep instead. Actually, I nearly told them they needed to go without me originally. But, I tried to stick it out. Slept til just long enough to have lunch and go to work that evening. Truth is, since my body is so used to only getting a few hours sleep by the time my girls are getting up and around in the mornings, doing some housework and going back to bed for a few hours, and sleeping late on Saturdays, I am physically ready to go back to bed by the time it’s time to leave on Sundays every week. Recent circumstances have made that even more so. But I go anyway, trying to set a good example and because I really do desire to be at church, worship and fellowship, serve in ministries and be under the teaching & preaching. But this time, it just got the best of me.

My mother-in-law spent many weeks this year in and out of hospitals and rehab centers, as has one of my emotionally adopted Moms from church, so I feel like we have practically lived in hospitals the last few months. I have a Cousin dealing with cancer currently.

I put in for a hardship transfer at work, due to the physical problems my wife is having as we work right across the street from each other but on opposite shifts, that if I got transferred to days could have us riding together and having more time together. But, just as numerous other transfer requests I have put in over the last few years have fallen on deaf ears, and this time, even with my sleep issues being partially due to the hours I work, has been no different. Lots of changes going on at both my job and my wife’s that we are having to adjust to. Lots of changes going on at church too that while they are good in theory, has not been fun for me to adjust to.

I am normally a very flexible, changeable person who is usually way too nice about making changes when I am asked. Even while those asking changes of me just want to say “this is how it is, you just deal with it” when I suggest change. They even suggest that I am just selfish for wanting change, lately I am starting to feel like I am tired of just being a “yes man” . But it’s not like anyone is going to listen or care.

I went to several weeks of one hour a week counseling sessions this year, but unfortunately, there was enough to be dealt with that one hour a week was scarcely enough, and it really should have not just been me going. After I thought my six free sessions were done, I was still asked to come back, only to receive a bill later, which just added to our financial concerns and is where I stopped going.

We have had mondo cell phone issues this year. My daughter dropped hers in the toilet and had to replace it. A few months ago, mine came out of its case and crashed onto our church parking lot as I ran to my car during a during a torrential downpour. Its replacement went dead for no known reason in a short period of time. Put my sim-card into my daughter’s old phone but it soon met the same fate, just up and dying within about a week. That was just a couple weeks ago. The replacement for that one had a bad charger port. Discovered that withing 48 hours. A replacement was ordered last Saturday and while the last one arrived late on a Tuesday, after also being ordered on a Saturday, I am still waiting late on Wednesday.

So, we are about to host Thanksgiving at our home as we have for many years (long story there), and whereas she normally has this week off, I actually ended up with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off, and between that and her ongoing physical issues, and have been under the weather with sinus issues in the last week, in addition to the normal extensive list of household chores I do every day all year long, a lot more is being required of me to prepare for it which I’m ok with, because I enjoy us having the holiday dinners. But, it will be our first without our son here as he attends college and works out of town, and recent Mock Trials (he is a Political Science major, President of his school’s Mock Trial Association and plans to be an attorney)  he had in Tennessee required time off that will now not allow him to have time off to come home for Thanksgiving. Hoping he can for Christmas. But, my in-laws have financially provided for the feast. Thankful for that. Also thankful that while my work schedule does not always allow me to have holidays off, as I previously mentioned, I had Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday off this week, and will have December 24th-28th off for Christmas.

And then there is all this craziness going on in Ferguson, Missouri and all over the country as everybody and their brother who is in the mood to just act foolish this year, is using Ferguson as their rallying cry.

But in the end, I know someone always has it worse than me and that God is still on the throne despite all of this. So, I can still be thankful in the midst of difficulty. I’m John Losh and if I don’t see you in church. If I don’t see you here……….I’ll see you IN THE AIR!

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The Latest On Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics

I hope all of you have had a fantastic blessed week. Many of you, like our family have been busy with graduation ceremonies and graduation parties. My daughter Cara Losh just graduated from my own Alma Mater, Winnetonka High School on Thursday and we just got home from having a graduation party for her at our church about an hour ago. Just like her brother John Losh III‘s graduation from the same school tow years ago, this time came quicker than we ever expected and has me personally again wanting to turn back the clock a few years if that was possible because of the evening hours I have been working the past five years. Unlike her brother who went straight to a four-year college, she plans to use her A+ Program Scholarship to attend community college classes for two years starting this fall, at my wife’s community college Alma Mater, Maple Woods Community College. We are all very proud of both of them and appreciate everyone who supported them through their elementary through high school years, and at their high school graduation events!

But, on to the radio business.  Last Sunday on Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics, you were treated to my new friend Michael Siewert of as we discussed the life and career of this great lady, Judy Garland that we all continue to enjoy the work of, despite her passing many years ago. We also discussed Michael’s Judy Garland traveling exhibit and I invited him to check out a couple of potential venues to bring it to Kansas City and possibly make it a fundraiser for our local children’s hospital. I’ll keep you posted on any possible developments on that. I invite you to check out all that his website has to offer. He plans to have it redesigned to bring you even more Judy in the future!



Tomorrow we have another treat in store for you. It is my pleasure to announce that Christy Putnam aka SueSue Applegate  @suesueapplegate who is a regular attendee and credentialed red-carpet worker at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festivals and blogs about them at is my guest. Not only can this classy lady be heard tomorrow, but starting on the June 8th broadcast, she will be a monthly part of the Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics team as we will begin discussing the Turner Classic Movies Star Of The Month and what’s new with her blog as well as her articles for like this gem about Debbie Reynolds-who I also hope I can get as a guest on the show sometime. . I hope you will plan on catching our shows together each month as we fully expect to have lots of fun bringing them to you!

Tonight, you still have time to catch Dave Brewer with Classic Rock A To Z on  You can even catch John Christopher‘s The Neon Beat at as the shows won’t be replaced until late tomorrow night. After that, you can catch next week’s The Neon Beat as  John continues to enhance your musical education and play the greatest records…..ever pressed!





So head to worship services in the morning, then from 2-3pm ct on Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics at catch Christy Putnam-who has been doing an awesome job promoting the show and me, as we team up tomorrow and every month from now on to keep you posted on what’s new with Turner Classic Movies and so much more! You know I’m famous for saying it….You’ll be glad ya’ did!

Yeah, I’m John Losh-“The Losh-Man“.May God bless and keep you. And if I don’t see you in church, on social media, or at some classic tv or classic movie event. If I don’t see you here. If I don’t see you on the air……I’ll see you IN THE AIR!

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Mom’s Night Out-In Time For Mother’s Day


Mom’s Night Out-Produced by Kevin Downes of “Courageous” (that he also stars in as “Kevin”) is an incredibly funny, yet family-friendly movie-which is always the case when a name like Alex Kendrick-known for producing and/or starring in such movies as “Flywheel“, “Facing The Giants“, “Fireproof” and “Courageous” is involved.

It’s about a stay-at-home Mommy-Blogger named Allyson (Sarah Drew) that is feeling overwhelmed, and in need of a girl’s night out. So, she gets her lifelong best friend “Izzy” (Logan White) and the wife of her Pastor (Pastor is Alex Kendrick)  Sondra (Patricia Heaton of “Everybody Loves Raymond” together and they head out for a night on the town. Allyson leaves husband Sean in (Sean Astin) charge of their children, Izzy leaves husband Marco (Robert Amaya of “Courageous“) in charge of theirs. Add in Sean’s best friend Kevin (Kevin Downes) to the Dad group and Sean’s sister Bridget (Abbie Cobb) whose baby is missing, and Country Singer Trace Adkins as a kind-hearted (but tough on bad guys) biker managing a tattoo parlor, and what follows is a laugh a minute. I won’t say any more so as not to ruin it for you.

But if you want to give Mom some great but clean laughs for Mother’s Day, you have to take her to see this!

And if this isn’t too weird, I can actually relate to feeling like Allyson often. Not saying this to brag, just stating fact. For as long as I can remember, I have been the primary housekeeper around our house. Though I am not as obsessed in many areas as Allyson’s character. My kids are not young like hers, or Izzy’s, as one is about to wrap up his Sophomore year in college, while the other graduates high school next week-that has been a very busy prep-time for us, and will start community college classes in the Fall. But trust me, it’s a full-time job in itself.

And, because I have been working non-family friendly hours for the past five years this month, I am an active person, so I’m a writer, obviously a blogger, regular coffee shop patron at various locations, once a week radio host of Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics Sundays 2-3pm CT on which takes hours of preparation a week. I also attend the Christian men’s group TGIW-North a ministry of Character That Counts, in addition to handling the household chores, all to keep from being so lonely in the daytime hours on weekdays before I go in for my evening shifts or some of my weekdays off. This is not due to any lack of efforts on my part to try and get transferred off those hours. And , I spend regular time in God’s word and prayer and am active in church.

But it seems like especially with the messed up sleep schedule my work hours have me on, and spending most of, if not all my off-days with the family, there are just not enough hours in any day. Sure, I could cut back on some things, but then would probably feel the loss.

Because I am not always able to get all the same vacation times off as the rest of the family, and travel is always a big part of the family vacations, I am sometimes left to work and hold down the fort while they travel for a week. (Yes, I’m ok with that-no need for them not to enjoy themselves because of my scheduling issues and it does leave me with less housework.) I sometimes feel I need a week a year that either they are gone and I am on vacation but stay home, or I actually go away somewhere for a week in order to not have any of the distractions-as there are still some between work and home, even with them gone, to have a week long writing retreat. I will probably never be comfortable asking for it, as I said I make spending as much off-time as I can with them.

Plus, the last several months I’ve had insurance issues and regular chiropractor visits as a result of injuries suffered when I was t-boned and had a car totaled back in December. This came just five months after losing my father in July. This loss hit me harder than I ever imagined. Long story, there. The wreck also left me with a slight case of PTSD that I don’t know if I will ever shake. And, now that the insurance issues have been resolved, today as we came out of the theater after seeing Mom’s Night Out, we found that my SUV that replaced my wrecked car five months ago, that I am really enjoying had been seriously pounded by hail.

This was  a result of a severe thunderstorm that started just as the movie previews were. So, here we go again! Now, some of the money received just the day before and just just deposited today from the past settlement that was to buy my daughter a car will have to go to paying a deductible to repair the hail damage. Though, it could be worse. There was serious property damage and I assume injuries or loss of life in nearby Orrick, Missouri from tornadoes in the same storm. Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected. But, just saying I can relate to feeling overwhelmed and inadequate at times.

But definitely go see Mom’s Night Out. It will be a breath of fresh air compared to what is usually out there in theaters these days. Hey, USA Today hated it, so even that shows you that they did this movie right!

I’m John Losh-“The Losh-Man“. May God bless and you. If I don’t see you here……if I don’t see you in church. If I don’t see you on the air for Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics, I’ll see you IN THE AIR!

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Jamie Farr Double-Play And Booking Struggles

The last two Sundays on Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics, you’ve have been treated to hearing back to back airings of my recent interview with Jamie Farr of M*A*S*H* which was a really fun show to do as Jamie is just a warm, wonderful, funny guy. I even noticed that I felt even more at ease with him than with some other shows. Not saying I was ever uncomfortable with any of my previous guests but it was just a feeling I noted at the end of the interview. I am looking forward to meeting Jamie in person when he comes to the New Theater Restaurant this Fall!


I was happy that the listeners were treated to hearing him two weeks in a row, as it would have been a shame if you didn’t hear him the first week, and as the shows are unfortunately not available on a pod-cast currently. But, there was more than one reason for that taking place.

That is due to the fact that despite sometimes hours a day I spend on the computer making contacts for the show via website contact forms, or sending conventional e-mails, and the fact that my wife and I took a trip from April 23rd-25th staying at the Route 66 Hotel in Springfield, Missouri and attending the Legends Of TV forum that included my recent guest Karolyn Grimes, David Harper and Kami Cotler “Jim-Bob” and “Elizabeth” from The Waltons as well as Morgan Brittany of “Dallas“, that was just one of many events that were part of the 2014 Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival in Marshfield, Missouri I have been struggling to keep each week filled with a celebrity guest. David and Kami are likely to be future guests in May and possibly June respectively.

MeKarolyn                                                   Me with Karolyn “Zuzu” Grimes

The percentage of those that I reach out to, versus the ones that actually get back with me, or are at all interested, or are available very quickly is very low. I believe I have the shows for the next two weeks lined up and I hope to have a couple of potential guests become once monthly segments. I believe they would be very popular shows that I would enjoy doing on a regular basis, and ultimately, it would also save me a search two weeks out of each month. I will keep you posted as those hopefully begin to come together.

I hope you will continue to tune-in each Sunday to Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics 2-3pm CT on and we look forward to hitting the FM Dial on June 21st. Check out the home-page for more on that. And, don’t forget my friends John Christopher with Neon Oldies and Dave Brewer with Classic Rock A To Z on Saturdays along with the rest of our Saturday music lineup.  And, catch John Christopher’s The Neon Beat anytime on as he plays the greatest records……ever pressed!




Also want to invite you to check out some of these other great classics venues like my friend Adam Roche with Attaboy Clarence at, Sue Applegate with who will be my guest on the Sunday 5/18 broadcast, and check out this great site Another future guest and hopefully monthly segment are the great folks at GetTV check them out at and on Facebook at .

Attaboy Clarence Podcast Artwork

I’m John Losh-“The Losh-Man“. If you have any suggestions for potential show guests, or connections that can help me get those guests, please feel free to contact me-I would welcome your input and assistance! Until then,  if I don’t see you here. If I don’t see you on the air, I’ll see you IN THE AIR!

Show Logo

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Heaven Is For Real Inspires, Yet Falls Short


This evening my girls and I saw “Heaven Is For Real.” We have the book and book and both my daughter and I have read it so I was initially excited to know it was being made into a movie. It has been a while since I read the book, so I forget where it stand in this area, but I have to say though the movie is great if you want a tear-jerker of a “feel-good” movie, you’ll be pleased with that much.

But if, like my family and I, you want something that shoots straight with a solid, life-changing Gospel message with lots of scripture behind it, like us, you’ll be disappointed. Though much of what is shared by Colton to his family through his experiences in Heaven during emergency surgery are certainly scriptural in nature and I believe in the journey he took, the only time scripture was shared was the Lord’s Prayer a couple of times.

Missing were passages like John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (NKJV) or Matthew 3:3 “Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” or the message of Romans 3:23 and 6:23 that remind us that since the Garden Of Eden, we are all sinners in need of a Savior and that  the free gift of God is that Savior-Jesus Christ, but we must repent in the process of being born again. Or even John 14:2 where Jesus shares that in His Father’s house are many mansions. That He went to prepare them for us, and will return for us one day. The list goes on….

When Colton’s father, Pastor Todd Burpo is shown preaching, or even sharing things with the church board that at one point is considering replacing him in the midst of the hype that Colton’s experiences are causing, or with a grieving member of that board later, his words are good, they are true, but there is no scripture shared to back it up. You never hear “Jesus said…….” Even the final time he is shown preaching to a packed house, that would have been the perfect setting for the gospel to be shared, and an alter call shown being responded to, instead has him laying his very brief notes on an open Bible, but no gospel being shared and only a big, warm-fuzzy “group hug” session taking place at the end of his message.

I won’t say that the movie in no way conveys hope-because it does. But the fact is, that we are not here just to say that there really is a beautiful place called Heaven, but to convey that there is a way to obtain it-acceptance of Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Savior, repentance of and asking forgiveness of sin and your life beginning to reflect that new birth…..and there is a way not to obtain it. That Hell too, is a very real place that only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by faith alone, in grace alone, in Him alone-can save you from. Ephesians 2:8 says “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.” Ephesians 1:7,8 says “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace which He made to abound toward us in all wisdom and prudence.”

Ephesians 1:19, 20 say “And what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places.” (NKV)

Revelation 3:20 says “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”

Heaven Is For Real………..have you, or will you open the door to Christ and join those of us who know Christ and those who knew Him here and have gone before us there?

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Last Month, And Into The Future

Show Logo

I have to first of all apologize for having been one poor correspondent on the blog lately. Hope you will forgive me and there is a lot of ground to cover today. Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics has continued to have a lot of great guests and I hope that you have had the opportunity to catch all the shows.

On the March 9th, 2014 show, we saddled up up with James Drury that was the main character, playing a ranch foreman with no real name, just being known as “The Virginian“.  Had a lot of fun covering the life and career of such a wonderfully gracious gentleman who is still enjoying traveling and making appearances.



Check out The Virginian at and on Facebook at .

On the Sunday 3/16/14 show, my guest was Eric Newill of Do You Remember? . We spent the hour discussing the tv shows of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Eric’s website as you will see, covers a great deal from music, movies, to tv & radio, remembering what happened in the history of all these areas and it was a privilege to have him take the time to be on the show!

On the Sunday 3/23/14 show, I welcomed back my long-time friend and brother in Christ, Joe Southern, of The Lone Ranger Fan Club on Facebook at . Joe was on one of my variety shows on KCXL-1140AM-Liberty, Missouri several years ago and we have kept in touch via e-mail and social media. During visits to Texas to see my Uncle Glen Smith in the Houston area, my family and I have even had the privilege of being in the Southern home and having dinner with his family. During our last visit,  we took pictures that he included in an article I wrote that he published in The Silver Bullet-the official newsletter of The Lone Ranger Fan Club. We covered his history as a Lone Ranger fan, the various parts of The Lone Ranger Fan Club website, and the recent Lone Ranger movie.  Always a pleasure to reconnect with Joe and want to thank him again for his time!

The following week 3/30/14 a repeat show had to be played due to a scheduling mix-up.

On the Sunday 4/6/16 show, Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics welcomed classic tv fan Bob Nippert who currently heads up the Hogan’s Heroes Fan Club. . Bob has a wealth of knowledge on the Hogan’s Heroes tv show, the stars and plots, things you might miss in various episodes and the various collectibles available to the interested Hogan’s Hoeroes fan. He is quite the collector himself.  It was a definite pleasure to have him spend an hour with me, so that you could enjoy hearing the history of the show!

This Sunday, 4/13/14 you will be treated to hearing from a wonderful lady that I know everyone will remember, Karolyn Grimes, who played Zuzu Bailey on the iconic holiday movie that you can enjoy no matter what time of the year it is, “It’s A Wonderful Life“. She was also on “The Bishop’s Wife” with Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young, as well as “Rio Grande” with John Wayne and Maureen O’ Hara, “Blue Skies” with Bing Crosby and many more. She was raised during part of her youth in Osceola, Missouri, has a star on the Missouri Walk Of Fame and is a Hubble Medal Of Initiative recipient. She will be in attendance to the event where these things and more happen later this month, the Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival . This is a star-studded event that you won’t want to miss! I am hopeful of attending the event with my wife and spending some in-person time with Karolyn. There is also a “It’s A Wonderful Life” sequel coming to theaters in 2015!


I have to give credit where it is due. I first realized I wanted to contact Karolyn for the show once I realized I would for certain be able to start the show, after I heard an interview with her on Blog Talk Radio‘s The Drew Show (check him out on both his site  and also like him on Facebook at ) as I was listening to TuneIn Radio shows  one evening last Fall.

Today, for the Sunday 4/20/14 show, I have secured Doug Denoff of the official Dick Van Dyke Show site Look forward to the recording session with him this Tuesday 4/15/14 and hope you will tune in to hear him on 4/20/14!


As always, you can hear Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics Sundays 2-3pm Central Time on . KKES Logo

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